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Product summary - Check Valves

'Checktite' is a swing-check valve employing three-piece construction similar to that in ball valve design. The valve is available in with stainless steel body and end connectors of stainless steel body and carbon steel end connectors for welding to carbon steel pipe. PTFE or VITON® seat and seals provide positive shut-off.

The straight-through flow, compact design and ease of servicing makes 'Checktite' the natural choice for many applications. Sizes range from DN 8 to DN 50 reduced bore and DN 8 to DN 40 full bore.

  • Three piece construction makes installation quick and simple
  • Valve body swings away for easy maintenance
  • Available with a variety of threaded, socket and butt weld end connectors
  • Clack rides in flow stream to prevent hunting and corresponding high pressure drop
  • Optional clack spring available for vertical installations and critical water hammer conditions

Three piece construction

Flow characteristic - Pressure drop
Valve size  Flow coefficient 
8-15 8.7 10
20 12.1 14
25 32.8 38
32 43.2 50
40 69.1 80
50 90 104
Pressure temperature range.
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For the pharmaceutical industry the product is available with the option of FDA approved PTFE seats and seals.
BS EN 10204 3.1b certification can be requested at the time of order.

If the valve is to be installed in a horizontal line then a spring is not required.

A bubble-tight shut off can be achieved with a PTFE seat at 6.9 bar and a Viton seat at 0.7 bar.

In all sizes from DN8 to DN50 the cracking pressure of the K44 'Checktite' valve is extremely low.

When mounted in the vertical position it is nominally 7 mbar.

In the horizontal position this falls away to less than 4 mbar.

When the return spring is fitted these figures increase by approximately 20 mbar.

Stainless steel  'Checktite'