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Product summary - High Temperature Butterfly Valves

DN150 Z Series

Metal Seated

High Temperature

Butterfly Valve

The Z Series high temperature butterfly valve is designed to regulate the back pressure of exhaust gasses during engine testing at temperatures as high as 750oC. The wafer pattern valves are manufactured in sizes DN50 to DN200 (2 to 8) operating at a maximum differential pressure of 3.5 bar g at elevated temperature.

The valve can be manually operated (screw lockable in any position) or pneumatically or electrically actuated with 4-20mA positioners. Actuated versions incorporate an extension stem designed to prevent heat from being conducted to the actuator.

The wafer pattern body fits between BS, DIN and ANSI flanges. Special adapters e.g. 2" flanged to 2" screwed NPT, mating high temperature gaskets and flange bolting can also be supplied.

  • Sizes DN50 to DN200

  • Working temperature 750oC maximum

  • 3.5 bar.g pressure differential @ 750oC

  • Wafer pattern to suit BS, DIN and ANSI flange standards

  • Lockable manual operation

  • Optional electric or pneumatic actuation

  • 4-20mA or 3-15 p.s.i (0.2-1.0 Bar.g) positional control

  • Dual valve Y diverter options

  • Low pressure drop

  • Limited leakage metal seated versions available

  • Custom designs optional



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